Why Should You Choose Us?

Pokma Automobile Services (P) Ltd. was started in the year 1998. Pokma is a “TATA MOTORS AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTRE (TASC)”, for the Passenger Car Range of Tata Motors, situated in Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai, Tamilnadu. The company is being operated by a management which has more than 3 decades of experience in the Automobile Industry.Read More..

Annual Maintenance Contract

Value Care (AMC) is a maintenance plan that guarantees protection against unexpected repairs & provides substantial savings through protection against inflation & price Volatility consumables during the running of the vehicle.Read More..

Extended Warranty

Extended warranty is a value-offering designed to insure your vehicle against unforeseen and unexpected breakdown repair bills that may arise after the expiry of the original warranty. It is strongly recommended that you purchase the extended warranty within 90 days of buying your vehicle as no surcharge will be applicable. Read More..

Serviced Cars