Extended Warranty

Extended warranty is a value-offering designed to insure your vehicle against unforeseen and unexpected breakdown repair bills that may arise after the expiry of the original warranty. It is strongly recommended that you purchase the extended warranty within 90 days of buying your vehicle as no surcharge will be applicable. However, you can purchase extended warranty upto 14 months (421 days) of buying your vehicle with 20% surcharge applicable on the cost.

Benefits of extended warranty

  • Benefits of extended warranty over a longer period of time; an insurance against unforeseen breakdown repair bills.
  • Simple documentation, cashless, speedy claim settlement in case of repairs – all time saving and completely hassle free.
  • Servicing at all dealers and selected authorized service centers
  • Extended vehicle maintenance: trained techniques, genuine spare parts, standard repair process and quality assurance will ensure your vehicle’s maintenance over a period of time.
  • Enhanced Resale value: Vehicle maintenance and transferable extended warranty – both help to enhance resale value, if and when required.

Options available (Model Specific):

18+12/18+24 or 150000 kms whichever is earlier – For sumo

24+12/24+24 or 150000 kms whichever is earlier – Indica, Indica Vista, Indigo, Indigo Manza, Safari 2.2 Dicor, Venture, Sumo Grande.

36+12 or 150000 kms whichever is earlier – For Aria, Sumo Gold & Safari Strome.

  • The 12/24 months extended warranty is not the exact replica of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The extended warranty comes into force once the manufacturer’s warranty expires e.g. after 18months, 24months, 36months resp.
  • It is more restrictive as by the time it comes into force the vehicle is already 18/24/36 months old.