Engine Decarbonisation

The engine decarbonisation process helps clean engine components, clear combustion chamber deposits and maintain correct balance of fuel and air in the system.

It involves a comprehensive cleanup of combustion chamber, induction system and fuel injector deposits.


  • Better Fuel economy
  • Better Combustion
  • Increased power and acceleration
  • Faster starting and warm-up
  • Reduced emissions, injector and pump wear
  • Savings on maintenance cost

Engine Flush:

It helps effectively clean and remove oxidized particles and fluid contamination left behind, prevents further deposits, frees sticky lifters and rings, chemically ‘tunes’ the engine during driving, and removes sludge from the valve train

36+12 or 150000 kms whichever is earlier – For Aria, Sumo Gold & Safari Strome.

  • Safely and effectively cleans and removes oxidized particles and fluid contamination left behind from previous changes
  • Prevents further deposits
  • Frees sticky lifters and rings
  • Chemically “tunes” the engine during driving
  • Restores pep and power
  • Removes sludge from valve train
  • Promotes fuel economy and improves overall engine operation

Please insist for ‘Certificate of treatment’ as an evidence of authenticity of treatment. These treatments are symptomatic for cars with low pick up, low fuel average & high emission complaints beyond 20000kms

Professional treatment is administrated by trained & experienced workshop staff only.