Car Detailing

Car detailing is a bundle of value offerings that are specifically designed to enhance and enrich the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Car detailing programs


  • Interior Enrichment program : Involves removal of fabric stains, cleaning & dressing of all parts of the exposed interior including internal plastics and the rubber parts, and all windows and windshields.
    • Removal of the medium stains and dirt from carpet, upholstery & roof lining
    • Cleaning of windshield and all windows (inside & outside)
    • Dressing of all internal plastics (eg: door pad trims) and rubber parts
    • Specialized protection for seat fabric from liquid spills
  • Exterior enrichment program : It not only enhances the external appearance of the vehicle by including a gloss and shines to the paint finish but also provides protection against ultraviolet rays, oxidation, and environmental pollutants like smoke, dust, and also effectively remove medium scratches, stubborn stains and other paint imperfections like orange peels, dust nibs, swirl marks, etc.
    • Removal of medium scratches, orange peel, oxidation, dust nibs, etc & swirl marks from painted surface
    • Restoration of original gloss levels. UV protection after gloss restored
    • Cleaning & dressing of tyres, bumpers & all exterior plastic moldings/trims

We recommend paint protection treatment when the car is new so as to ensure that your car paint retains its glossy look for about a year and we recommend our car details programs when you feel that your vehicle is showing the effects of usage, exposure to weather, minor scratches, solid interiors, etc.

Please insist for ‘Certificate of treatment’ as an evidence of authenticity of treatment.