Anti- Rust Treatment

Anti-Rust treatments are the application of specialized compounds to the undercarriage, doors, bonnet, trunk, wheel wells etc. of your vehicle to protect against the damaging effects of corrosion that occurs when metal reacts with oxygen along with moisture in the air to form rust.

The extra protective layers of undercoating also provides scratch resistance, sound deadening and covers minor repairs and welds where there is a possibility of corrosion.

Treatments promoted


  • Anti rust treatment –
    • Under body treatment
    • Internal Cavity protection
    • Under body + internal cavity
  • Sound deadening system


  • Upto 60 months warranty & 10 free checkups available for Anti – rust treatment
  • A professionally applied range of world-class products offering real value to the new and used car customer
  • The treatment has been developed to withstand the harshest environmental and climatic condition ( rust, pollutants, stone & gravel impact, etc.)
  • Bonnet, dicky, doors & under body treatment
  • Insulate cabin space from external noises

We recommend you opt for Anti – Rust treatment at the time of purchase of your car within a few weeks from the date of purchase of your car.

Please insist of ‘warranty card’ & free inspection service.